How to Select a Bullet PART I

How to Select a Bullet PART II

How to Select a Bullet PART III

How to select the right cartridge - The perfect caliber for your needs

Dominant Side or Dominant Eye - That is the Question

Precision Pistol and Rifle Marksmanship - Introduction

How to Shoot Segment 1 - What is Precision

How to Shoot Segment 2 - Sight Picture the CORRECT way

How to Shoot Segment 3 - Trigger Control _ Grip

How to Shoot Segment 4 - Natural Body Alignment Position

Understanding Recoil and How to Manage it for Great Marksmanship

Bullet placement on game animals - The Best way to bag your game

Hand Guns

Handgun hunting basics and calibers - From varmints to large game

Part 1 - How to REALLY Shoot the Handgun - just like hickok45

Part 2 - What is Precision Pistol Shooting and how to do it yourself

Part 3 - Understanding Sight Mechanics and Correct Sight Picture

Part 4 - Area Aiming

Part 5 - Trigger Control

Part 6 - Natural Point of Aim

Part 7 - Breath Control is NOT what you've probably been taught

Part 8 - Follow Through

Part 9 - Target Analysis is KEY to becoming a good shot

Long Guns

How to Choose a Rifle Scope Sensibly in a Confusing Market

How to Sight in a Scoped Rifle with Simplicity - and Without Expense

Scope Selection Part II Reticle Focal Planes

Marksmanship Training - Classic Rifle Shooting Positions

Sporter Rifle Accuracy - Part I The Rifle

Sporter Rifle Accuracy - Part II The Ammo

Shot Guns

The Shotgun Part I - The Shotgun and How to Select fit yours

The Shotgun Part II - The Shot shell

The Shotgun Part III - Steel Shot and a bit of why

The Shotgun Part IV- Hand loading Components

The Shotgun Part V- Hand loading your shells

Practical Shotgun Patterning for Upland Gunning